Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Portrait

I had to run over to REI the other day to pick up a pair of Croc flip flops that I had gotten on clearance online. They were an irresistable $12 bargain that ended up turning into a $65 dollar bargain on account of the fact that I had to use the restroom while I was in th store and that meant I had to go through the shoe department to get there. I'm certain the store must have been designed so that the only path to the womens restroom is through shoes. Crafty marketing geniuses...
So, two seconds, twenty linear feet and one potty break later and a pair of Keen Venice H2's in the Process Blue color were safely in my arms, rescued from the clearance rack. It's a color I've been lusting after for two seasons so I couldn't resist, plus the clearance price plus my member discount coupon made them like $50 which is a killer deal. So this brings my own personal pair count to nine. I wasn't planning on buying anything, really. Just a quick in and out to pick up my order.


That is the guilty party there in the front:

Isn't that color just the bomb? Although based on the fact that ALL they had on the clearance rack was that color, I guess I'm probably not in the majority in thinking it's fab. Whatever...more for me.
And yes, you are seeing two pairs of the new Waimea in purple that I showed you a while back. I got nervous and itchy when when I couldn't find any of the old style Keen Antigua flip-flops to replace my nearly worn out pair and decided I must have a back up pair of their current offering just in case the flip-flop is going to go away or something...

As a part-time employee of the Bloomington REI footwear department, let me commend you on your excellent taste in shoes. I feel, however, that the Keen Briggs (formerly the Bronx) is tragically under-represented. That said, we don't have them this season, so you'll have to resort to Zappo's.
Ah well.

Next time you're at the store, check out the Keen winter boots. Very cute.
I always feel like that when I'm at a shoe store - I end up buying waaay more than what I went there for, but then, I'm usually like that in every store...
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