Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Griddle Me This

For the first time in ages we were finally able to get to the track over the past weekend to enjoy some riding and socializing with friends we've dearly missed. It was our first official outing with PupCake as pit crew, as well as our first foray into camping-with-canine, so I had tons of things I was trying to keep track of and remember to bring in addition to our regular truckload of crap and the one thing that got left behind was my camera. So no pictures of any of those festivities...BOO.
And just as we were recovering from all of that fun, yesterday was Boy's birthday. As is our typical M.O. around here, we kept it pretty low key, with a dinner in, a dog walk and a DVD in front of BigTV.
Can you guess what I made him for dinner? I could probably show you the same photo from the last three or four years here, because it's pretty much always the same:

A Monte Cristo, complete with a dusting of powdered sugar, raspberry jam for dipping, and curly fries to go along just in case the sandwich wasn't naughty enough.
Because I was still recovering from our 4am arrival home on Monday and just didn't have the battered-and-deep-fried thing in me, I went the French toast style route and egg dipped and griddled them instead which ended up being almost as good. Most importantly, Boy was happy. Somehow, toasty, buttery ham and cheese deliciousness makes being another year older seem not too bad a deal I guess :)

Now, head on over to Modern in MN to see why I have a whole new project on deck...


Owh My... I haven't had curly fries in a long time and seeing this post makes me want to go hunt them down for lunch.
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