Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's For Dinner Wednesday...IT'S BAAAACCK

Courtesy of the weather which has finally decided to chill out a bit and entice me to want to cook again, I bring you the first fall '07 installment of What's For Dinner Wednesday:

Dominican Chimichuri Burgers and Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Barbecue Sauce

The burgers are make-again good, and also solidly in the chin-drippingly messy category, but I can forgive that on account of them being super delicious. Despite the fact that I tend towards being a burger purist, this recipe is a great mix of tastes and textures and the kind of thing that's different but yet doesn't make you sorry you went for it over a more traditional selection of toppings like weird burgers sometimes can.
The roasted cauliflower is fantastic as well, and is a perfect (vegetarian) side dish alternative to baked beans. I was never on the whole mashed/roasted/pretend-its-something-else cauliflower bus back in the Atkins Diet days, (because I was never on the Atkins Diet, go figure) and have really never done anything other than crudite or curry with it before now. I'm diggin the roasting thing, however, and I can see it working bare or with any number of other condiments.
Anyway, the recipe has you tossing the cauliflower with the sauce once it's roasted and unfortunately I think I overdid it with the sauce a bit. Even without that misstep, I decided I would forgo the tossing together next time and serve the sauce on the side for dipping instead to allow the surprisingly yummy flavor of the cauliflower shine through a little more.
Incidentally, I only made half the recipe of sauce and that was more than enough for one whole head of cauliflower, and one head of cauliflower roasted down to enough for about three side dish sized portions.

Happy Fall, everyone, and welcome back to WFDW. As always, please feel free to play along!

Your meal looks delicious is not quite fall yet despite the frost and cold. ;-)
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