Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Invention and Frustration

Flickr-hoo still has me PO'd beyond words, as they STILL have not addressed my-I-mean-THEIR issue that prevents me from accessing, using or otherwise taking advantage of the account that I'm PAYING THEM FOR. Still no reply from anyone other than some pleeb in who knows where who claims to have passed my problem along to someone more important. But given that said pleeb answered my first two emails by apparently not reading them AT ALL and then sent me the same canned, BS answer twice over, I'm not entirely confident in that at this point. And I sent another 'what's going on' email yesterday and haven't heard a peep. HIGHLY ANNOYING. And I feel like I'm an armless and fingerless non-person and it's making my visual world very not fun.


New invention to show you today, along with a whole caboodles' worth of other crafty and DIYish stuff in the pipeline...or as soon as I am restored to photo-host worthy.
But for today, I bring you my latest handy little invention, the MOO-lo-dex:
The light bulb for this came on last night while I was trying to sleep (as is often the case), and I just had to run right up to my studio this morning and whip it up. Because peeps keep sending me MOO cards...which I love, but then I am constantly finding them laying around and felt like I wanted to do something with them other than stash them all away where I couldn't enjoy them. So I collected them up and slipped them into these clear vinyl sleeves I cut and stitched and grommeted and then put them all together on a bead chain for easy access. I'm totally loving the idea that now my visitor MOO's will have a home to go to when they arrive, and that I can leave this out on my coffee table or desk as a bit of interactive chachke. Kind of like the photo album of the double oughts.

I have a couple up on Etsy now and I'll also be offering individual packs of refill sleeves shortly.

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