Monday, October 08, 2007

Step One Is Admitting You Are Powerless

Put me in front of Amy Butler's Belle fabrics and I become a blithering idiot. They're just all too much...a mere glance turns me into a big blob of drooling, fabric-coveting stupidity. And ask me to choose between the colorways or pick one or two favorites? Completely impossible. I NEED them ALL.

I had successfully resisted with the exception of snagging a couple of yards of the Kashmir several months ago,but last weekend I took a quick, offhand detour into a local quilt shop and found myself unable to exit without some of the Gothic Rose print in burgundy in hand. Nevermind that I completely didn't need more fabric, and that I had no idea what I would do with it. IT HAD TO BE MINE, and I spent all of last week admiring it there on my worktable, trying to decide if I should eat it or sew it up into something.

And then, finding myself with a bit of free time this weekend and having been long-ago inspired by my pal Knit-Whit and the awesome pillowcases she makes, I decided that whipping up my own pair of pillowcases would be the perfect project for my new acquisition:

I have queen size pillows and it drives me absolutely nuts that most of my current pillowcases are a bit too short so I made sure to generously size these, with a cuff from Michael Miller's Mirror Ball Dot for a little pattern contrast.
But there's one slight problem.
As you may know, I've been pondering on a plan for our bedroom decor for a loooong time and as I looked to my newly created pillowcases for color inspiration, I felt it necessary to really take a good look at what else is available from Amy's line to coordinate.

Big Mistake.

So now I'm thinking I may have to switch to the turquoise/orange/kahki/olive colors of the Sun Glow color group and that I MUST ACQUIRE IMMEDIATELY the Oxford stripe, the Acanthus, the French Wallpaper and the Gothic Rose in that colorway and base a quilt, more bed stuff and the whole room on those colors. I'm such a sucker for orange these days. OTOH, I absofreakinloutly adore the Full Bloom AND Earth and Sky colors, too.


So much color deliciousness, so little ability to make a decision.
Welcome to my world.

P.S. I should also mention that the picture above does zero justice to the loveliness of this fabric. In reality, the color is much brighter and fresher looking.

What beautiful pillowcases! I'm in love! Must not look at fabric...
"trying to decide if I should eat it or sew it up into something" ...BWAHAHA! That was hillarious.

Great blog :)
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