Friday, October 12, 2007

YAHOO, you are EVIL!!!!!!!!

The hours I have spent trying to deal with Yahoo and their completely f'd wallet/id system are disgustingly numerous but today's issue has put me completely over the edge. Because it wasn't frustrating enough that I had to have Boy renew my Flickr PRO account because Yahoo wallet is so freakin retarded it wouldn't let me give them money no matter how many ways I tried and how many hours I spent trying, I am now basically a Flickr non person because I deleted a crappy ass Yahoo email account. And when I tried to "transfer" my Flickr stuff to the new Yahoo address I was forced to assign myself, Flickr suddenly thinks I'm someone that I'm not and then replies to my email help request by telling me that I'm screwed and they can't change it.
Um no.
You didn't really just tell me that, did you??
Do I need to tell you (AND THEM) that this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE? We're talking YEARS worth of photos, here, and if someone doesn't get their shit together and fix this in short order, I think I will blow a gasket.
And the part that really freakin torks me is that I HATE YAHOO with a passion, and I never, ever would have become a Flickr user if they had been affiliated with Yahoo way back when when I first started using them. But now, in order to be in bed with Flickr, who I never had any issue with prior to now, I am also forced to be in bed with Yahoo who has perennially caused me WAY more trouble than any virtual place ever should.
I'm just so pissed. I seriously cannot believe my photos might be gone. And better yet, and I'M PAYING for them to now be gone!!!

The last time we had a Yahoo issue, J had to talk to "John" in India who did not understand our issue and kept repeating the same sentence over and over again. "We understand your frustration, and we are doing everything to fix it", however, they couldnt fix it, because they couldnt understand our issue. It was SOOO frustrating. J ended up cancelling his Yahoo account altogher because of it.
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