Thursday, November 01, 2007

Camera Shy

I mentioned the other day that there has been PupCake dress ups going on, and today I bring you our favorite canine model in the prototype for his new winter coat, hot off my sewing machine:

Just look at that poor, abused Greyhound. You'd think I was telling him we have to go to the dentist or something. In this house there is nothing that will make an otherwise very well adjusted, crazy-happy hound tuck his tail between his legs and beg for mercy like the dreaded fashion show. Mommie is SUCH an evil photographer!
As I said, this is just the prototype, hence the somewhat non-Splatgirl Creates-ish fabric choices. I made him a perfectly good coat last season, but it was something I just whipped up on the fly and therefore rather simple. So while it certainly did the job, this season I wanted to make more of an effort to end up with a good, reproduce-able pattern for something with a little more fit and coverage. And I picked up some fantastic, Kaffe Fasset fabric a while ago that I have slated for his "A" outfit with matching collar and leash but I wanted to make sure I had the fit exactly right before proceeding.
So, because it's camo and utilitarian looking, I added cargo pockets on both sides. These likely won't make an appearance in this incarnation on the final garment, but in the name of utility they're all the better to carry your MOOPocket to the post office on our afternoon walks with.

Hey, what's so wrong with the dentist? ;-)

I like how M-ah is just sitting in the background probably thinking "I'm glad it's you & not me in that coat!"
I love it! Is there any chance you'll be selling these/the pattern in multiple sizes? I've got a mini PupCake mutt who would love a little coat!
It does make him look manly. I like it.
Yeah, the cat is lovin' it!
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