Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nap Season

Today is this kind of day:

I folded this quilt over the end of our bed because I'm in a mad hunt for the perfect wall color for the room and I was hoping to be inspired. Evidently the kitties were inspired too.

Inspired to take a nap, that is...

We're a little pet-centric here at S.C. lately, huh? I've got projects on the brain, so truthfully very little else interesting has been happening. Not to mention that it's the time of year where I just feel like crawling into bed for a long nap.
If only there were room for a human on that bed.

Are you all set for the Project Runway season premier tonight? I was thinking I'd cook something German because Boy calls the show not Project Runway but "auf wiedersehen". Maybe weiner schnitzel? Breaded fried meat. Impossible to go wrong with that, right?

Where did you get your quilt at. I LOVE it!!
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