Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Warm Spots

If you've followed along all these years over at Modern in MN, you know our house is heated with a hydronic radiant system rather than forced air, which, for those of you home tech-a-phobes, means that our heat comes from water that's heated by a boiler and then circulated through tubing embedded in the concrete floors. And because the house itself is concrete and super-insulated, it tends to hold it's temperature very, very well, allowing us to have just turned on the heat the other day despite the fact that we are well into the cool season here.
Anyway, what the whole hydronic radiant thing means from a human perspective is that it's absolutely silent and there's no blowing air. More importantly, it means that we have deliciously warm floors all winter...the better to be appreciated by unheard-of-in-Minnesota-winter bare feet....

and lounging kitties:

It's always a hoot to see what new warm spot they'll find for lounging, and M-Ah in particular is the queen of the hunt. Before she got so dang fat stealing food from the old lady kitties around here, she used to wedge herself ALL THE WAY under the kitchen cabinets (that's a 4" space, FYI), on more than one occasion prompting a full-house shakedown search because we thought she was missing and lost or dead or both.
Now that she's her pudgy, round self, I guess under the lockers will have to do.

At least I know where she is.

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