Friday, December 14, 2007

Fun with Felting

I have been wanting to play around with needle felting for just about ever. Or at least ever since I became fascinated with felting which I think was about age eight, following my discovery of that amazing sweatery deliciousness that is the boiled wool jacket. And really, I think the idea of felting hand knit stuff was one of the reasons I got so into knitting, with the Fiber Trends felted clogs being one of my first ever projects.
I finally got around to picking up some felting needles and promptly tracked down my bag of roving and got to work poking my first victim. I mean project. It's this cute little turquoise felted wool MOOPocket I've had laying around. It was naked for a while, and while cute in that form, it just seemed to be begging for something else:

I went for these little colored bumps because I was trying to coordinate it with the lining fabric, but I can think of about eighty bajillion other design possibilities that would be fun for a MOOPocket-sized canvas...
If you haven't tried it, let me be the first to warn you that this is an addicting little craft, needle felting. It seems pretty easy to get the hang of and doesn't require anything expensive to have a lot of fun with. Plus it's portable which is always nice in my world.
It's sort of like being able to paint with wool, but like sculpture, too, since it can be 3D. Talk about pushing all my crafty buttons at once!

that is SO freaking cute! gah! one of these days you are going to suck me into your moogoodness. i've held off so far but...
You are a stinkin' genius. Those are GREAT!
Glad you liked the pudding cake. Super bizarre yet tasty, isn't it?
It looks like I'll have to return your no-mas present.

Super cute moo pocket!
I love it!! So cute!
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