Friday, December 21, 2007

Holey Fingers

Despite the fact that I decided to be just a passive observer of the holiday antics this year, time has still managed to get away from me and suddenly, the week is gone and with nary a single post.

Anyway, one of my few concessions to the holiday madness was to concoct a gift for my dear pal Knit-Whit:

Know me long enough, and you're bound to get a stocking with your name on it... it's a basic truth of my world.
This one, which I know will meet a much friendlier end than the one I once made for the toaster boyfriend that ended up ruined because he left the orange in the toe to rot for a month, is really a reflection of the materials of my moment and things I know she loves, that being felted wool, leather and happy, colorful fabrics.

I could have gone on and on with the needle felted embellishments, but a girl can only stand so many holes in her fingers from wickedly sharp, barbed objects. Note to self: embellish first, sew together second. And hopefully she can forgive my less than perfect applique. It was my first try ever, and I think I started to get the hang of it on about letter "I"

Just wait till I show you the deliciousness she gave me! You will wither with jealousy!

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