Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ugly Food

Quite possibly the ugliest thing to come out of my oven, ever, but tasty none the less:
Spinach Mushroom Calzone, with some Italian sausage thrown in just because I love it.

Recently, reader Sandi requested my recipe for one of our holiday favorites, sausage bread, and in the process of getting that typed up and emailed, I worked up a severe hankering for something in the stuffed, baked dough category. So this quick and easy dinner was inspired by her and by a blob of pizza dough that had been languishing in my freezer for what was evidently a bit too long. Hence the ugly. Not Sandi, the calzone.
Anyway, for ages and ages, deep-dish spinach mushroom pizza has been one of my house specialties but sadly it's fallen out of favor in the last decade because Boy is such a steadfast mushroom hater (blasphemy, I know) . So the whole calzone thing is a bit of a compromise, but because they're smaller, that instead of a pizza means I can make a his (pepperoni and pineapple if you must know) and a hers version and still be able to bake them all at once on one baking stone.
And I just have to say that I'm over trying to freeze home made pizza dough, frankly, and from now on I'm just going to have to throw off the lazies and force myself to make some fresh whenever I'm hungry for pizza-doughy delights because it's never as good after it's been frozen. And being the kind of girl that takes pride in her baked goods, having to show you this kind of ugliness is hard on the ego. But it's better than no bloggage and no dinner, right?

I forgot to check my email box for a reply on the sausage bread. Checked.
Wow, that looks yummy. Although I am not sure how I feel about being as inspirational as a blob of pizza dough.....
What's a bit of homey homleyness among neighbors? Those look tasty!
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