Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things Are Not What They Seem

Generally speaking, happening upon cool stuff that's worthy of an impulse buy, or that I would consider my "style" is a rarity. I've told you before that I abhor chachke to the point that I think buying and giving it should be illegal, and even when I'm in the market for a perfect something for myself, finding things I really, really love just doesn't happen all that often.
But sometimes, retailers just get it, and currently, CB2 seems to be one of those retailers. The number of things I find in their product lineup in any given season that I absolutely can't live without is a little frightening. And it seems that they fall into same category as IKEA in that their stuff is enticingly inexpensive and just keeps getting better and better.

Part of my love, it seems, comes from the fact that CB2 really seems to get my affliction....er addiction to borosilicate glass. Plus I lovelovelove that they cater to my craving for whimsy in practical, everyday objects.

Case in point, my latest acquisition:

No, it's not the leftover mess from last night's party. Those friends, are my new cocktail glasses. Yes, I said glasses. And I also said cocktail. And no, I haven't served anyone a cocktail in a wonky disposable cup that they could write their name on with a Sharpie since my days of WOP and the $5-a-head kegger. And that was a looooong time ago.
Although I may try the name-in-Sharpie trick just to be funny...

So I'm carrying on abut CB2 and showing off this new swag because these are actually borosilicate glass "glasses" masquerading as cheap plastic party cups, and the effect is so convincing I think even I will have a hard time remembering not to throw them away.

And that milk carton in the back? I didn't just forget to put that back in the fridge. It's not paper but unglazed porcelain and it's a flower vase, and if it weren't the middle of winter I might actually be able to use it, huh?

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