Friday, January 04, 2008

Vote for Pedro....I Mean Me

So, my "Bathroom Vanity 101" hack of an IKEA PS cabinet and butcherblock countertop into our guest bath vanity (aka, what led to two of my five minutes of fame courtesy of the New York Times) is up for IKEAhackers best hack of 2007. And I was rocking the vote for the first few days, but now the cord hack, ie. the least clever one, IMO, is winning.
And that just can't be.
Boy says that because it's a geek hack, the geek in question recruited all his geek friends, and Boy knows of all things geek so I assume he's prolly right.
So yes, geeks are clever, but I figured I could at least try and be clever too, so I am here, imploring you to go vote. And truly, there are several very cool hacks to choose from so I completely understand if, upon reviewing them all, you don't deem me the coolest and choose to cast your vote for another. But at least you will have seen some cool stuff, eh? And maybe you will find mine the coolest and therefore lead me to victory...
cuz you just never know.
And I loved Napoleon Dynamite, really, and I am the adoring partner of one very cute geek, but I just can't sit idly by and let geeks win on sheer geekery alone.
So like I said, go vote. You have until the 15th.
And if you're in doubt or you've forgotten, here's one of the beauty shots of said hack:

Oh yea, and happy new year!!

You got my vote! The Jerker cable solution I saw on that site ends a two-year quest to fix our Jerker problem.
I had an Ikea trip planned for today (if the rain ever stops), now with all these ideas, I hope I don't go nuts.
Hope you win.
Thanks MR! Isn't it suck how an IKEA trip is almost always at the whim of the weather? Have mercy for the cardboard packaged flat-pack!
I voted! you are in the lead by 2%!
Oh! So pretty.

That's totally the color I want to paint the baby room. Lovely!! :)
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