Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Fettuccine with Brown Butter and Sage

with some parmesan-panko crusted chicken that I added to up the entree appeal.

Wow, wow, wow.
Honestly, I wasn't really expecting much, what with the recipe calling for all of four ingredients but let me say that as far as quick and tasty go, this gets an A. The thing is, what makes it really great is the fried sage which seems like such a minor thing and that I would never have guessed would be so delicious. And for the record, I didn't have any egg fettuccine so I just used the regular boxed kind which was fine, but I think it would be AMAZING with dried or better yet, fresh, egg fettuccine. In fact, this could just be one of those recipes that motivates me to make my own fresh pasta.
So yes, this one is a keeper. The chicken I crusted and pan fried in the spirit of the pork with lemon and caper recipe I told you about the other day. For serving I just sliced it up and dressed it with a quick squeeze of lemon to add a little brightness and then topped everything off with the fried sage leaves. As I said, the buttery, salty fried sage was surprisingly tasty, and next time I'm going to be sure and fry some extra leaves to crumble up directly into the pasta in addition to using them for garnish.

So you really have no excuse not to get up and make this one...with only one or two ingredients that might not already be in your pantry. And if you're like me and have the ends of a couple of chunks of good Parmesan hiding in the corner of your cheese drawer, all that's left to grab on your next grocery get is the fresh sage.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


mmm... i love simple pasta dishes. if there is more than 5 or 6 ingredients in a pasta its too complicated. you have given me inspiration, but not to cook, to include my good food and recepies in my own blog. check it out, it not very impressive yet but ill get there.
Ah, yes. I've been making fettuccine with my pasta maker for about a year now, and it is hands down a million times better than the boxed/bagged sort. (Just branched out to pappardelle this past weekend).

But browned sage butter sauce definitely tops my list. First experienced it topping chestnut-port-heavy cream-filled ravioli -- absolutely divine.

Incidentally, would you be willing to share the recipe for the bread you used to make your mini hamburgers a few entries back?
Lurker comment alert!

Do you think that the various stocks could be replaced with vegetable stock, or would that make an odd flavor? I'm really bad at trying to change recipes into vegetarian ones, but I'm trying for the sake of my boyfriend...
Hello lurker K!
Yes, I think that would absolutely work and taste great.
I had been intending to follow the suggestion of the recipe and include butternut squash but I completely forgot about it. I think with this addition it would be an even more fabulous vegetarian dish.
Roasted hazelnuts, crushed bacon and pumpkin/butternut/acorn squash also go extremely well with the sage, browned butter and lemon. Any combo or all together have always lead to amazing dishes for me.
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