Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's For Dinner Wednesday!!

I've been on a little bit of a cooking bender lately, with lots of recipes in my queue for the rest of the week and the upcoming, very cold weekend. As a result, I have the fruits of tonights effort to show you in honor of our long, lost excuse for new recipe-trying, WFDW.

Corn and Bacon Pie:

with a side of spinach salad because I've been a helpless slave to spinach eating lately. This one got done up with with avocado, purple onion and orange and my favorite home made honey mustard vinagrette.

The corn and bacon pie was yummy! As the recipe says, it's like a rustic quiche, and really, how could you possibly go wrong with corn, bacon and cheese? My only complaint was that the thing overflowed all over inside my oven and made a mess, but I'll chalk that one up to going a little overboard with the onion and peppers compounded by the fact that I was too lazy to put a sheet pan under the pie dish.
For the crust I used some organic, whole grain cornmeal from Bob's Red Mill that I found in my pantry, and I think it was probably a little on the coarse side for an application like crust that doesn't offer the rehydrating feature of a liquid. As such, the result was a tad grittier than I would have liked but the advertised "crunch" was definitely present and the taste was delicious. In general, the cornmeal crust aspect was a nice change from plain old pastry and one that made the dish a little heartier.... and manly. Because, as you may remember from the 80's, real-men-don't-eat-quiche.

hey, congrats on second place from ikea hacker!! i DID vote for you, but i must admit it was a tough call between your bathroom and the tortoise case hehe
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