Monday, February 11, 2008

Project Planning

I've been threatening to make a quilt for our bedroom for a couple of years now, and since I've finally started getting a handle on the painting and decorating in that room, I figured I had better get going on actually learning to quilt...
because my thirty some years of sewing experience includes pretty much everything BUT quilting.

Fortunately, the MOOPocket business provides me with an enormous number of scraps that are always sitting there on my work table working their inspiring magic. And the other day, or should I say the other VERY FREAKIN' COLD day, (because we've had way too many of those lately), I found the motivation to turn a few of those fun, bright little tidbits into the practice medium for my first attempt at making something quilted.

I started but had to give up on the actual quilting part until I get a walking foot for my machine so it's because of that equipment deficiency that I don't have a FO to show you. I pieced this block completely on the fly, at random and according to absolutely no plan, and I'm sure it violates rules all over the place, but when have you know me to create or play by the rules?
I didn't have my heart set on ending up with anything fabulous what with this being my first attempt an all, but now that it's together I rather like the result and I'm thinking I'll turn it into the top for a throw pillow.
I have no idea if this is the direction I'd go for a complete bed-sized's quite a bit different and busier than the vision I have growing for that, but if it just so happens that it coordinates for my someday whole bed-sized thing, all the better.

And speaking of scraps of MOOPockets, I've finally managed to post a peek of all my new fabrics in my Etsy shop, so go check out my listings or my Flickr page for a look!

That is gorgeous! Rules, schmules! We don't need no stinking rules! Just lovely and bright!
Really excellent work - I can't believe that you just threw that together! It's awesome!
I love it! The colors are amazing!
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