Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quilted Pillow, Finished!

A while back I showed you my first attempt at making something quilted, and I finally found some time to work that little block up into a pillow cover:

To exercise a little mixed-media muscle, I used some of the felted turquoise coating that 's been showing up here and there in my projects lately along with some green velveteen that I've had in my stash for ages as border for the pieced block, and then bound the whole thing with more of the Kaffe Fasset print.
I think I was happier with the block on it's own, or perhaps it would have had a bit more pop If I had used lighter border fabrics...but hey, all in the name of practice, right?

I think it looks right at home there on the sofa!


That's great! I can't believe you just whip this stuff up on whim and it looks so good! Honestly, were you a professional seamstress or something before? What *is* the degree you are wasting? The Master of All Things Crafty & Design degree?
Oh my dog. You have gone and completely, totally, 100% made my day with that hilarious title! I am definitely going to have to appropriate that for professional use :)
My "whipping stuff up on a whim" does, in general, have a tendency to work out, but almost never in the way I envision when I start out! File under being flexible and stubborn. And ask me again in 30 years. If our house is still standing, I'll call it a win.
And no, I've never been a professional seamstress, but I've been sewing for practically my whole life. I love that it allows for creative expression AND practicality.

p.s. BSN. File under trying to be practical, cross reference under WHAT was I thinking.
I am addicted to your blog, I keep reading all of the archives while I am supposed to working. Makes me want to go home and stop wasting my Visual Arts degree at my data entry job! If only oil paints were free....
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