Wednesday, February 06, 2008


This one was TOTALLY Boy, and in all honesty it was the closest I've come to outright veto on something he's chosen. But in the name of being a good sport and playing along, I made it anyway.
As predicted, it sort of sucked. Go figure.
Pizza Pot Pie

To be fair, the recipe is clearly kid-centric and a kid food lovers we are not. And my lack of suitably sized ramekins and the resulting single giant pot pie instead of individually portioned ones probably didn't help, but even without those obvious conflicts it still just didn't work. The sauce isn't worth the effort or the $5 I had to spend on 4 measly ounces of pancetta. The filling is probably boring made with chicken. (I used Italian sausage). The parmesan on top ruined and made weird-tasting an otherwise yummy homemade crust.
Overall, Eh.
The same mixture of ingredients as pizza or calzone, or over pasta, yes. Pizza Pot Pie, no.
Sorry Giada.

On sunnier fronts, here's a keeper from the other day:
Corn and Crab chowder:

Just look at that color! This is a can't-miss starter course, really...gorgeous and delicate and tasty and special...we loved it.
The recipe calls for frozen corn and I used organic which it turns out is like eighty bajillion percent better tasting than the regular old frozen corn kernels (white or yellow) that I've bought in the past. So that was a worthwhile discovery all on it's own. But the soup is really fabulous and super quick and easy to make. Definitely one to remember and, I think, a great way to show off the fabulousness of fresh corn in season.

I'll definitely take your word that the Pizza Pot Pie is not worth the effort! The corn chowder does look really fabulous, though; I love soups and that looks lovely and easy, and I imagine it would be pretty good with some nice shrimp or fish as well -- I'll have to give it a try!
I tried the corn chowder when Bon Appettit came in the mail last month, and I found it a bit watery. How did yours turn out? I remember thinking that I would add a cubed potato next time. The crab was delicious, though — we used king crab leg from our local organic market.
Hi Kersten! Mine didn't turn out watery at all, and in fact probably could have stood to be thinned a bit. But the recipe calls for skim milk I think, right? Well...ummm...I sort of used half and half because I didn't think soy milk would be a good idea and the only other milk products I ever buy are organic cream and half and half and that was what I had in the fridge. Maybe that helped!
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