Thursday, March 06, 2008

Does This Count as an IKEA Hack?

So, Whats For Dinner Wednesday last night was so boring it only gets two sentences. Cabbage and White Bean Soup with Chicken Apple Sausage:

Don't bother.

After that, I was messing around with needle felting onto some of that IKEA canvas I mentioned before, because it was something I could do in front of the TV while I watched the Project Runway finale.
Today I sewed that canvas up into another mini-messenger bag:

As you can see, I lined it with purple and trimmed it in one of my favorite bursting-with-color prints which made it just that much more fun. I have no idea how the felted bits will hold up on the canvas like they are, but I think it looks neato all 3D like that. Like colorful little warts :)
The pictures sort of suck because I had only the last of the daylight to work with, so I'm going to try and get some better ones tomorrow and get them up on Flickr.

that is absolutely adorable. what is needle felting?
hi Cindi!
Needle felting uses wool fiber, usually roving, although yarn can be made to work, too, and a single piece of equipment, a needle with tiny barbs on it. You use the needle to stab bits of wool fiber over and over again which "felts" it together or felts it onto another piece, like a knit object or in this case canvas. It's neato because it's like sculpting and painting with wool.
Check out this Etsy shop for some amazing examples!
Love it!
that bag is absolutly gorgeous. What a creative wonder you are!
Wow! That is the neatest Ikea hack I've seen. (And I look :-) Well done!
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