Sunday, March 02, 2008


I guess I am an all or nothing kind of person...go big or go home as they say. As I have mentioned here countless times before, just winging it tends to be when I am most in my element, which I think this has a lot to do with the fact that for me, one of the most exciting things about the creative process is just discovering where something will lead and seeing what will happen. I firmly believe that some of the coolest and most interesting ideas come about as a result of having to adapt to deal with the unanticipated and unexpected. The caveat being, of course, that sometimes this means miserable failure.

So maybe it is that I'm addicted to the risk. The gamble.
But really, there are very few instances that come to mind where something has gone so horribly wrong that I regret having started, because at the very least, there's something to be learned.

Anyway, my point...
Much, much too long ago, a certain someone gifted me some fantabulous fabric that was practically BEGGING to be turned into a stylish yet functional bag. But, not being willing to squander said fantabulous fabric on experimentation and not quite having a clear direction for design or being ready to fully commit to one, I started working up a prototype in some cheap IKEA canvas that I had in my stash. But, being unable to make any concrete decisions about how I should proceed and feeling like I was generally putting a lot of effort into something that wasn't really for anything and therefore a waste of materials and time, I quickly lost interest and tucked the project away into my WIP's box.
I guess it needed to percolate my head that is.

Then the other day, finding myself with some time on my hands and no longer being able to ignore the design urge, I pulled out that fantabulous fabric that had been flapping out in the mental wind on the clothesline of my brain for so long and decided to dispense with the indecision and make something with it.

That little adventure ended up going fairly well, I think. In fact, I think I sort of love what happened, so much so that this morning has me thinking I'll try and make another for myself. Oh yea...I forgot to tell you that this whole project was born as a top-secret surprise for my fantabulous fabric-gifter pal. I hope she loves it too!


So when are you going to start selling messenger bags on your etsy site? :) Your messenger bag looks great! Much more stylish than the other bags I've seen. Congrats on getting through the creative dilemma in style!
Girlfriend, you've got some mad sewing skillz.
That is a fabulous bag! Looks like the idea found the right way to present itself in the end!

great job!
What a great bag! I love the fabric too and the fact that you put a cell phone pocket on the side. I wish more bags had that.

Is that a zipper I see peeking out from the backside of the bag? And what's the plastic buckle on the side of the bag for (last photo)?
you're stuff always looks so perfect. You are very talented and so not a slacker (like me). I could never get things done that you do!
Yes, I vote for the bags to be on Etsy too! I'll buy one for sure...
Love it!! Definitely needed on your etsy site!
That is one stylish bag! Do you take commissions? I have a wallet that I'd like you to re-create.
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