Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stop the Violence

So imagine my surprise and horror, when, the other day while I was off chilling out on the net, surfing Flickr, I came upon a case of MOO card violence so terrifying and awful that I just couldn't stand by and passively witness.
It was horrifying, I tell you. Horrifying.
MOO card enthusiast Dan was trying to be resourceful, and you know, I completely understand resourceful. But in his resourceful quest, MOO cards were harmed. Fossil fuels were at risk.
I know.
It's unspeakable.
MOO cards.


I felt it my civic duty to take action; to stop the violence.
To save the planet.

So I sent Dan a message and offered to send him his very own MOOPocket. Free.
Because I am that kind of girl, and because I love sharing the love.
But, being the fun, creative guy that he is, Dan came up with a better idea....a swap.
He very generously offered to trade me a print of one or two of his photos for a MOOPocket.


So I checked out all of Dan's photos and chose two that I loved and that I thought would be cool for the walls here at Modern in MN. Because what is better than original art?

Free original art, maybe?
(And while I'm on the subject of art, take a peek at Dan's "toys" set and the "Toy Box" pics....they're just. too. funny.) Remember disco ken, aka Tom Comet and his companion?

And in the mean time, I mailed off Dan's extra special custom designed leather belt loop MOOPocket.

Fast forward to a couple of days later, and what should appear in my mailbox by two fabulous and fun photos! Whoohoooo!!

Thanks Dan! I hope you heart your MOOPocket!
And do check out Dan's website here for more about him.

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