Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Catching Up

I have been withholding information from you on the cooking front. I'm sorry.

First, a recent and most fabulous cooking adventure from last week for which, sadly, I have no pictures, was Lemon Pudding Cakes. The recipe is from Food and Wine magazine via Apartment Therapys' The Kitchn, and it's uber delish. Being that Boy is not a lemony-citrusy dessert kind of person, I had the grave misfortune of having to eat all of the little ramekins full of pudding-y deliciousness myself, and they disappeared at the rate of two per day. Breakfast and Dessert, you know? They're simple and yummy and fun and elegant and I'm totally going to try the recipe with all manner of flavoring in place of the lemon just because it seems like it would lend itself well to this.

Second, dinner from last chilly Sunday night, Chunky Potato Soup with Dill.

Very fast and easy to make and tasty enough but a little boring. I took the advice of several of the reviewers and used chicken stock in place of the water which certainly helped, but I still found the recipe lacked spunk. Maybe a little cayenne pepper or some mustard or additional dried or fresh herb. Considering the few ingredients and the ten entire minutes it took to throw together, I guess I can't complain, and I must say that the dill made for a nice change of pace from the usual potato soup flavorings which is something I'm going to try and remember. Plus, you gotta love a nice hearty soup for a cold days' evening.


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