Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sewing up Sunshine

I guess the ugly, gray weather was getting to me, but if this bag doesn't scream summer, I dunno what does. It's in my shop now and looking for a happy home. Yowza!
I love it when I can find a reason to mix stripes and florals, and this combo makes me happy beyond words.

I did manage to whip out another little sewing project in the category of home dec, but Boy is in demo mode upstairs and I must go assist him with mess-making, so it will have to wait. Plus I have what I think will be a handy custom label tutorial in the works. Stay tuned!

Happy Sunday

I'm getting *this* close to hitting the Add to Cart button...they just keep getting more tempting!
Well I did hit the Add to cart key and am so happy for it! A splatgirl original! I'm very excited, thank you for prompt send-off.

Now, the fabric that really catches my breath is the purple, orange, brown Asian dragon print thing. I may have to commission a fetching thing from that. Have you ever considered making corsets?!!!!


OMG! That would be just divine. With your attn to detail and fabulous sene of design and color combinations ... under-bust corsets, over-bust corsets ... I'm drooling at the thought of it.

You can make me the first one.

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for inspriational mosaic tile counters(which is my next project). I love your blog and all of the cool stuff that you do! Especially the great looking food-yum!
I'm adding you to my favorite links:)
I love your bags. The summer one is awesome. Question: Do you ever do one custom material? I am a spinner of wool etc. Spinning Wheels etc. I would be interested in one with that kind of pattern...Thanks,

Rowena Philbeck
I visit you blog and... very beautiful job, bags, tutorial, dog, cat...
anna paola - italy
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