Thursday, May 08, 2008

Anaphalaxis Alert

For some work-related reason not wholly understood by me, Boy decided he needed to order a 50 pound bag of peanuts via the internet. They arrived yesterday and besides thinking we're probably on some kind of weird government peanut-hoarder watch list, I'm certain they turned my house into a permanent off-limits zone for peanut allergy people because a whole lot of peanut dust escaped when he opened the box and they made the whole house smell. And in case you were wondering, here's what a 5o pound bag of peanuts looks like:

He took them to work which I guess means his car is officially a hot zone, too.
It seems like peanuts in a public place or peanuts being shipped in non-hermetically sealed containers via UPS fall under the same category as latex balloons or live flowers in the hospital ICU...i.e. not good. But evidently it's the norm at his workplace, and I'm sure his co-workers were thrilled with this large-scale snack that makes the five pound bags from the jumbomart that they usually have around look sad.

I've been stupidly busy, mostly with bags and other sewing stuff. Here's what's left my studio in the past week or so:
An almost apartment sized custom laptop/book bag with leather trim, lots of cool accessories and lined in nifty wool suitings:

A cute gray and pink combo lined with fabric provided by the client:

Another custom order lined in the ever-adorable mocca fabric trimmed in red and chocolate brown:

And one that I'm crazy for that I just finished up and listed in my shop today:

Plus I'm in the middle of a totally awesome one from some Amy Butler fabric sent by the cute! And I must say that getting to work with AB stuff without having to decide on which one of her bazillion awesome prints myself is the bomb!

YAY! There's my gorgeous bag!!!
That is THE biggest bag of peanuts I've ever seen.

I always wonder about the 'peanut free' baseball games at the dome...doesn't the residual dust alone cause problems??
That bag is just freakin' gorgeous. Do you ever consider making a larger size suitable for carrying a laptop?
Hi Jackie! Custom size to fit your laptop is no problem, just let me know!
Terrific! I'll email when I know the exact dimensions - waiting for a sleeve to be delivered.
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