Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going Postal

Another fabulous intersection of fun and neccessity...
tropical fruit stamps!

I have this belief that kitchen decor should relate to what goes on in the kitchen, so when I spotted these at yesterdays' trip to the post office I just couldn't resist getting a sheet to frame.

The clerk pointed out that they are postcard stamps and then promptly laughed at me when I told her I was going to put them in a frame, but I guess not everyone can be expected to get it, you know?
It has occurred to me that this might just make me an official "stamp collector" (in the loosest possible kind of terms, of course) because these along with the Georgia O'Keeffe stamps from several years ago and the more recent Star Wars ones bring our collection of stamps-as-art to three.

Is that frame from IKEA?
no, Target.
Love the idea!

Nice stamps, I need to check them out. Although, coming from Brazil, I find funny to see kiwi as a "tropical fruit":-)
If the USPS didn't mean for us to collect stamps, they wouldn't go through the trouble of designing new ones once a day (or so it seems).
I love the look of these!
yes, I read someplace recently that Italy is now the largest exporter of kiwi fruit. and come to think of it, I guess pomegranate isn't very tropical either.
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