Friday, May 09, 2008


Who doesn't love themselves a nice fresh Moleskine? I know I do, because I get all panicky when I don't have a notebook in my bag and because I just can't resist such a beautifully bound, portable notebook that's available in a way-too-tempting array of paper flavors. Personally, I like the plain, unlined notebook version, but the dreamy artist in me pines for the types of adventures where the sketchbook, with paper "for drawing and tempera colors" would be a necessity.
Moleskine...such a simple thing, yet they're mildly obsessed over both near and far. And lately, when I obsess over things, my brain automatically turns to the question of "what can I sew up or otherwise craft to make this obsession even more obsess-able?"
I know.
I've officially crossed the line into crazy sewing geek land.
But what can I do? Instinct is a strong and undeniable force, my friends.

Yesterday, with a little downtime on my hands, I stitched into being a vision that had been kicking around in my brain for at least a couple of months:
The Moleskine cover:

If you're a Moleskine-er, you know part of the allure is the handy elastic band that keeps them shut:

Don't worry little elastic, I didn't overlook you:

This cover is for the large (5 x 8 1/4) size, but I suspect there's a small and medium version in the cards as well, along with a style for the reporter series...

Do you Moleskine? What's your favorite style?


Large ruled Cahier with kraft cover
I love it! I'm a huge Moleskin fan - what a great idea!
this is just perfect! are you planning to put any in your shop? I would love to have one too (I'm a hopeless sew-er unfortunately).
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