Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer on a Fork

Have you heard? The bidding will start at 100K for the opportunity to clone your dog. Your new repli-dog will be guaranteed to look the same and live for at least a year.


In cooking news...
Hello beautiful:

Mixed baby greens (aka "weeds" in Boy speak), fresh strawberries and goat cheese with sunflower seeds and homemade balsamic vinagrette. One of the best salad combinations on the face of the earth and one of the many reasons to celebrate strawberry season, even if it's not Minnesota strawberry season. There's just something about the combination of strawberries and fresh goat cheese that is so perfectly perfect. Like a juicy, ripe pear with a chunk of stinky Stilton in the's a fruit and cheese pairing that allows the season to fit on the end of a fork.

The salad was a fantastic accompaniment to the grass fed New York strip steaks from the grill, with hot garlic bread and a whole slew of sauteed shrooms. (The slew of shrooms being one of the grand perks of living with a mushroom hater...I get the whole carton to myself!)

So warm season eating is into full swing around here, and as much as I'm sad to put away the soups and braises and hot hearty recipes, I'm giddy with excitement over the prospect of bringing out all my summer favorites and discovering some new ones.

What warm weather meals are you putting back into rotation?


That looks beyond delicious! I may have to steal this from you one night for dinner!
Strawberry-Rhubarb Soup. Cold. The best recipe is the one made with club soda. SO good.
One of my favorites for summer is a Southwestern Grilled shrimp and corn salad with black beans.
I also make lots of crisps and cobblers with my peaches.
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