Monday, June 09, 2008


Holy cow, where is the time going? I can't believe that June is already 1/3 gone, and that my last post was 10 days ago? How is that possible?

I feel like I've been doing a lot of spinning my wheels lately. I dunno if it's because the weather can never make up its' mind or what, but it seems like I'm having a larger problem than usual making decisions or committing to one thing or another on any given day. And I feel like I have all these important big projects that need my attention but that I can't seem to get motivated to get started on.


So, as I spin the wheel in the human Habitrail that is my life of late, I end up working on projects that aren't particularly pressing or useful, but that offer a satisfying diversion from having to get real stuff landscaping and shade sail constructing and shed building and guest bathroom and bedroom finishing.

ugh again.

Bring on the handbag medicine, I say:

Because there's nothing like crazy bright blue leather and some Amy Butler fabric to make me feel better!
Isn't that color just insane? For some reason it reminds me of blue popsicles, but I think it's nicely tempered by the completely awesome AB print.
Is there anything that wouldn't look better with a little Amy on it?

And despite the fact that I started this one hell bent on making something just for me (because I'm still shlepping around the same MOOPocket and wallet from a year and a half ago and because yes, I design bags and no, I don't have one to use myself), now I'm completely torn between keeping it or putting it in my Etsy shop. Because I can always make another one for me, right?

Did I mention I was having a problem with indecision?

Splatgirl - you love it, keep it! It sounds like you don't give enough to yourself and you need a great purse like that.
Thanks Joanna, and yes, it's officially mine, all mine :)
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