Monday, June 23, 2008

Fur and Drool

We definitely got our lounge on over the weekend. Or at least the pet part of "we" got their lounge on:

It's no wonder I feel like I spend half my life cleaning cat hair off of stuff where cat hair just should never be.

When it comes to PupCake, it's the drool puddles. He can lay gazing around, unmoving except for his eyes, in one spot for so long that a puddle of condensation forms on the floor under his nose. I try not to think of all those spots on my floor as dog snot, but I guess that's what they are:

Ever noticed how pictures of PupCake tend to all look alike? It's a Greyhound thing :)
He was so pooped after the GPA picnic and the morning of meet and greet that he slept and slept and didn't even want to go for a walk after dinner which is absolutely unheard of around here. We had a great day oogling lots of gorgeous hounds and sniffin butts (again, that would be the PupCake part of "we") and trying win cool stuff, but the best part of the day for us was seeing an adorable girlie hound wearing a collar I sold to her mommie a year and a half ago! I was like "...hey?...... hey... heeyy!! I made that collar! " It was the first time I've seen any of my stuff out in public other than with peeps I know, so I was pretty psyched. I keep thinking it will eventually happen with a MOOPocket and when it does I'm sure I'll go completely crazy acting like a blabbering fool. And then I will have lots of fun thinking of some kind of award to give the person. Like in the movies when the one millionth customer walks through the door and confetti flies and horns honk and they get told they win a million dollars. Except without the confetti and horns and million dollars ;)

Today I'm still groovin' on the leather+fabric idea for just about anything, and my favorite new item, the Moleskine covers, are no exception:

These make me want a whole shelf full of Moleskine notebooks just for myself!

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