Friday, June 20, 2008

In Lieu of Sunglasses

The mosquitoes are off the hook insane around here this year. At least twice as thick and swarmy as I ever remember them, even in the hot sun of midday, and roughly the size of pterodactyls. And that I live basically surrounded by water and wetland only makes it that much worse.
They spray and spray and I can't tell that it's doing anything for the bugs but I've no doubt that one way or another I'll end up with some bizarre disease because of one of those two things.

So anyway, I have like eight bajillion bites on my body and I think it's making me cranky because they all itch at once and I can't get anything done because I'm distracted by the incessant itching. Oh yea, and I sleep like crap because without fail there is always one buzzing around in the bedroom at night and it wakes me up.

Also on the crankiness front, you know when you're in one of those situations where you're witnessing a trainwreck and can see the outcome from a mile away but are helpless to do anything but watch it unfold? Check. Got that covered too.

Maybe a little PupCake will help:

I swear he learned this from M-Ah.

And speaking of PupCake, it was brought to my attention that I was on the verge of receiving a citation from the hound dog union on the grounds of abject neglect of wardrobe. And I admit, it's been at least three or four whole months since PupCake got anything new to wear. Just like the cobblers children having no shoes, my darling PupCake was slumming it a collar and leash set that were completely, utterly SO last season. But, motivated by the threat of wardrobe revolt and the fact that tomorrow is meet and greet day AND our local GPA's annual picnic, I managed to whip him up something fresh and smart looking:

lined in what else but blue leather?

hi Splatgirl,
I found your blog in a very roundabout way --where you talked about using PAX doors from Ikea as a room divider. Anyway, I have a somewhat unrelated question. I want to install the pax closets in a walk-in and want to do it without doors. I may want to add doors after the fact. Is that a bad idea because it would be too difficult or, is it an easy add on?
THanks, my email
I also have PAX as our master bedroom closets. I think that if you install the carcasses plumb and level it should be no problem to put doors on them at a later date. The only issue I see is that if you end up using hinged doors, you might find that your placement of shelves and other interior fittings interferes with where the hinges need to go. If that's the case, it may be wise to figure it out in advance and NOT put fittings into the holes that the hinges would need. Of course on sliding doors this wouldn't matter...they are attached via rails that go on the top and bottom edges of the carcasses.
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