Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've been hard at work on a custom order for my homegirl Claire in the U.K. She was one of my very first ever MOOPocket customers and the other day she came to me with a request that I had a ton of fun working up. She wanted a mini-messenger bag and matching Moleskine cover, both in leather and lined with the absolute very last of a fabu fabric:

Made from a really cool looking oil tanned heavyweight brown leather, the bag took rather a lot of arm muscle to get to cooperate with the sewing up portion of the project, but I think both it and the Moleskine cover turned out super duper cute.

And the best part is the bag is perfectly sized to fit the Moleskine. Her fabulous idea, and golly how I love matching accessories. Her request to have the cover made from leather instead of fabric has me inspired to make a few more for my shop with some of the outrageous colors of leather I've been obsessed with lately.
I just love doing custom stuff because I love how it forces me to figure out new designs and construction methods....expanding my horizons n'all. And it always leaves me inspired to make lots more new stuff! So thanks Claire! I hope you love your new swag!

Where do you order your leather from? I would love to make a purse from it.
Man, that is VERY impressive! Nice sewing!
Wow! I LOOOOVE that bag! You definitely rocked the sewing machine on this one!

Can't wait to see your other versions!
That bag is lovely. I love the lining fabric! Now I'll have to go out in search of some pretty fabric to do something with... You've inspired me!
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