Sunday, June 15, 2008

Road Work..., something:

Welcome to my town.
Better yet, welcome to the prevailing mentality of my town.

On the other hand, Boy and I were the ones who turned the car around to go back and get my camera so I could take a picture, so I guess we fit right in, huh?
He was actually the one that noticed it. We were on our way to get a Red Cherry, which seems to be the midwests' knockoff answer to pinkberry, and I was busy anticipating and contemplating what toppings I would get on mine. Of course, not being a resident of either coast, I have no idea what the deal really is with pinkberry but I remember the good old days of real yogurt-y tasting frozen yogurt, and that's what Red Cherry is.
And it's really super freakin good.
Like addictively good.
As in drive 10 miles just to get it kind of good.
And when it comes to me and treaties, that is the highest of compliments.

I love Pinkberry! But then again, everything out here is like that now. Fro Yo stores are popping up left and right and they are all copying Pinkberry. I'm now a big fan of anything tart like PB....but I didnt get it at first. I've become one of "them" lol! I'll definitely have to try Red Cherry when we come back to MN in August. It'll be nice to try something different!
You really need to submit that picture to I think its very funny!
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