Thursday, June 19, 2008


One reason why having a house with concrete floors is good? When the UPS guy brings your new inline skates, you can give them a good trying out without having to leave the house: (or...ahem...changing out of your work clothes...I mean pajamas. shhhhhh)

Them's my new Rollerblade Marathon Carbon skates. Neato, eh?

So, I haven't inline skated since the eighties, but we are on the hairy edge of having a new paved 14 mile trail right in our back yard, so I figured I might as well add that to my list of cross-training activities.
And I also haven't bought a pair of skates since the eighties, so yes, we had a good laugh when I pulled out my old pair for evaluation. They look a lot like eighties sportbikes...low tech and pink and turquoise ;)
So I went in search of a new pair and chose these because a. they have a lower, shorter boot and most of the models I tried on hurt my shins because the boots came up too high on my short legs and I don't think I'm all that in need of that much ankle support anyway, and b. they have BIG wheels and which means they go fast. and c. they look super cool. yes, I'm a poseur that way.

As it turns out, they do seem like they'll go super fast, but they also don't turn very well at all. Um, yeah. I guess that would be the speed skate-y-ness part of them. So I'm not sure how I feel about that and I'm tempted to order a pair with a shorter "wheelbase" and the 90mm wheels (these have 100mm) and see how those feel.

I'm not sure yet how the dog is going to like this new sport being that he's barely running partner material much less a skating-mate. I hate to leave him so much that I actually looked into getting one of those pet strollers which I never even knew existed until about a week ago, but as it turns out, there's only one model that seemed like it would even come close to being big enough for him and it's a little insane both size-wise and price-wise. So that is a no, and yes, I am a crazy dog person for even considering it.

Anyway, if I should happen to turn up with a broken arm or something one of these days, you'll know why without me even having to tell you, right?

Those are awesome.

(And my inline skates from the 80s/early 90s were, yes, also pink and turquoise).

Meant to get back to you ages ago about my gorgeous bag, but this whole moving transatlantically thing is kind of crazy. Anyway, I've used it every day since it arrived. I love it - thank you!
Is that a Sago Palm? I just found out they are unbelievably toxic to cats.
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