Tuesday, July 08, 2008

And the Winners Are....

scallops and linguini
Totally random picture, that, and for some reason I can't even really remember what went into the dish other than the ingredients that are obviously recognizable. But I do remember that it was really tasty and I didn't want to leave you photo-less for an entire post.

Whew. I've been playing hookey with an extra long 4th of July holiday weekend and am just now reclaiming the responsibility of activities of daily living beyond cooking and eating and drinking and playing hostess.
We were fortunate to have our first official houseguest for the holiday weekend. It was fun, and I think he survived the Modern in MN experience fairly well. He didn't even seem to mind too much the fact that the guest room, aka the furniture graveyard, is still really more like indoor camping than actual guest quarters.
Fortunately, guys tend to be easy that way.
Plus he's now got bragging rights to having had full, exclusive use of our New York Times featured guest bathroom, (for which I wrangled up a nifty shower curtain install using IKEA's KVARTAL system and some basic hardware store goodies...reveal coming soon on that over at Modern in MN). Gotta love crisis decorating mode for forcing me to get those languishing projects finished up. Now if only I could bust that kind of move on painting and sourcing furniture for the guest room, we'll be set.
So, not to keep y'all in suspense any longer....time to announce the winners of the first ever S.C. camera case giveaway!!!
I asked the guys to pick five numbers between 1 and 35 which was the total number of entries.
And the winners are:

It's going to take me a bit to catch up on my slacker-age from over the weekend, but as soon as I do that, I'll get to work on them and get in touch with y'all for address info. And remember, these are sort of prototypes, so your feedback and comments are welcome, as are the great suggestions and ideas some of you have already offered.
Hurray for cute and happy cameras!
And if you didn't win but have a camera in need, I'm hoping to make the cases avaliable in my Etsy shop within a couple of weeks.

OMG! I am so excited! I am not usually a contest winner. This brightens my week so much.

Thank you!
Whoohoo! I'm a weiner! Yay!
OMG that dish looks so good.

Congrats winners!
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