Sunday, July 13, 2008


No, not my nephew Casey...

Camera case-y!!

I'm so excited to get to send these out! I had a ton of fun making them although I must say I agonized a bit over the fabric choices not knowing y'alls taste. If I've completely missed the mark for any of you, my apologies. Please feel free to re-gift (and then visit my Etsy shop where I will be happy to custom make you another in whatever fabric or leather thrills you :) .
I have my fingers crossed that they fit and are useful for the lucky winners. I decided to put a little d-ring tab on them for cuteness and to allow them to be clipped to an optional little mini wristlet:

'cause we're all about the matching accessories here at S.C.

Your own custom sized camera case, coming soon to my Etsy shop!

Lucky winners!!
I love the green / pink stripey one with the pink snap ~ cute!
i am SO jealous! :( those are awesome. can't wait until you have them in your shop!
Great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing it in your store.
Oooh, I wonder which one's mine? *excited*
I can't wait to see which one is mine They are all so cute! I love the wrist strap, such a great idea.

Those are adorable. Excellent work!
I can't wait to see which one is mine either. Wahoo!!!
I love the stripes! That one would go perfectly in my living room, lol.
I wish I hadn't just bought a camera case, or I would make you list it in your shop for me!
Maybe a Christmas present for myself :)
WhooHoo! I just got my awesome new camera case! I love it! It is perfect! Thanks SplatGirl!
I'm A Winner
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