Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mini-Wristlet Invasion

Despite the fact that I've been a slacker and just couldn't find the time to photograph and post a listing for the mini-wristlets to match the camera cases, I've been filling orders for them by special request. And since I had a couple on the schedule for today, I figured I may as well give them a good chunk of time and make enough to photograph for a shop listing:

Aren't they just the cutest?
Of course I was intending them mainly as an accessory to the camera cases, but the little snaphook makes them handy for keys or whatever, too.

I want one in every fabric under the sun!

These are sooooooooo cool!!! I love them!

I can never seem to find those snaphook closures!
Oooh! I can see my one! CUTE! :)
I'd wear them as a bracelet. Any thoughts on making sets of fabric scrap bracelets? If you need a new-product field tester I would volunteer!
where do you get these AWESOME fabrics??? Is the Pacific Northwest just fabric hell??? I've been lookng for a funky patterned canvas for-ever...

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