Thursday, July 17, 2008

Officially Jumped the Shark

Have you ever looked back at your blog archives and realized that you used to be way more interesting? It seems like I had way better photos and way better things to say a couple of years ago.

What happened to me?

Tonight brings us #2 "dump dinner" as Knit-Whit calls it.
Peanut noodle salad:

made with leftover peanut sauce from last nights' chicken sate which was what Boy requested in honor of the Project Runway season 5 premier.
Number one dump dinner was the side of curry rice and vegetables I made to go with the chicken by sauteing a whole slew of super fresh CSA veggies in some oil and curry powder, dumping in cooked brown rice and mixing the whole thing up with a couple of plops of garlic-curry mayo that was left over from our last mini Bombay Slider adventure. Both that and tonights' noodles were super quick and easy and best eaten at room temperature making them perfect hot weather food. Plus I get to feel good about not having containers of leftover condiments hanging around in my fridge.
And in case you were wondering, the best most perfect peanut sauce recipe ever for noodles or sate or whatever, is here. It's the one I've been using for at least a decade, and all I did to get the dish above was dump it on some cooked noodles and toss with the julienned veg.

And then.
More bacon than should ever be in one place at one time, aka bacon-critical mass:

Somebody call the pork police.

That, friends, is 20 pounds of supremely tasty, perfect bacon. The bacon beneath which all other bacons pale and shrivel (literally) in comparison.
And it's mine all mine.
Because the grocery delivery place that I've used for so long that I've pretty much forgotten how GO grocery shopping is going out of business, and they're the only place I know of to get my beloved Lorentz Meats short of driving to Cannon Falls and buying it direct.
So I had to stock up, because the idea of being without this bacon, like ever, makes me perspire and shake.

I'm thinking I shouldn't need to start looking to score for at least a year or so now.


And yep, that's the same Lorenz Meats you read about in Michael Pollan's book.

Lara, you make me giggle! I did the same thing with the Willingham's smoked pork from Simon. I have no idea where else to get it, so I ordered 10# and froze it! I also bought a few packs of the Lorentz cheddar brats, they are extremely delish.

Anyway, just wanted to commiserate with you.

Whoah, nelly, that's a lot of bacon! I'd sure like a BLT right about now.
Love your foodie/cooking entries just as much as your crafty/decorating stuff. Your peanut sauce is very similar to the recipe I've used forever (which comes from my sister who learned to cook Thai in Hawaii in the early 80's) no vinegar in mine. If you want to punch it up a little add a big handful of chopped fresh cilantro when the sauce is just finished cooking, it's scrumptious!
I wonder if that bacon could be shipped....
on second thought, I'll have to do my best with the local bacon fare. :0)
That is some lovely bacon though...
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