Monday, August 04, 2008

Breakfast with a Bonus Ending

I spent most of my life being a breakfast non-eater. Or maybe it's a non-breakfast eater?

But somewhere along the line in recent years that has completely changed, and I've become a breakfast craver. A CRAZY breakfast craver. As in I can't live without eating breakfast and I start thinking about what I'm going to have the next morning at about eight p.m. the night before.
I'm obsessed with breakfast, and weekend breakfasts elevate that obsession to a whole nuther level. Because from weekday to weekday, I try and keep it relatively healthy, whole grain and low sugar, with a fruit and some soy or yogurt thrown in to round things out (yes, I get excited about even that). But when the weekend approaches I throw health consciousness out the window and give myself free rein to indulge at least once in whatever it may be that suits our taste buds at the moment. It's why things like croissants and caramel rolls and baked french toast and all that other delicious creamy or cheesy or sweet stuff make such regular appearances around here. I just really, really love a good old fancy breakfast, and it's not at all unusual for me to have planned what I want to make for Saturday or Sunday breakfast by Thursday afternoon.

Anyway, this weekend was waffles. Belgian waffles, which differ from regular, simple old waffles by virtue of the fact that they're made with a yeast batter. Or at least that's what the recipe from Joy of Cooking would have me believe. Because I can't say that I've ever actually had a real, authentic Belgian waffle, but these have a place in my heart none the less and are totally worth the extra time and wait:

So it looks rather ordinary there on the plate but in reality the yeast batter elevates the simple waffle to something completely other and super delicious. Good enough to eat plain, straight from the iron even.
But why would you want to do that when you can serve them with fresh organic raspberries and real maple syrup and butter?

Oh, yea, and bacon.

Never, ever forget the bacon.
Besides, then you have the perfect excuse, aka the pan full of drippings, to indulge in BACON POPCORN.
Yep, that's right. I've gone completely and thoroughly over the bacon cliff.
I got Boy to make his signature dish, real popcorn popped in a pan, using bacon drippings instead of oil.
The result was freaking amazing. You simply MUST try it.
Just think ahead and cook your bacon in a deep kettle rather than a skillet so that come evening TV time, you can just reheat that pot that's all coated with bacon deliciousness and dump in some popcorn kernels.
And don't forget the salt and butter drizzled over before it goes into the serving bowl.
Did I say you MUST try it? You must!

Bacon Popcorn. Just one of the many reasons why bacon is my other lover.

OMG. Bacon popcorn???? That sounds AMAZING. Remind me why I'm not the skinny girl I think I am???
When I was growing up, my grndmother saved all the bacon grease that was ever generated in the kithchen. She had a small coffee can size container right by the stove. All the leftover grease went into it, to be used in all of its bacony goodness for some future project.
Mmmmmm, bacon
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