Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Custom Blackberry Pearl Case!

Doooooods! Check out this overdose of cute+practical:

This was 100% client driven (hi Jennifer!)...I don't have a Blackberry or the like because I am just too freakin' cheap to want to fork out any more money for service than we already do. But I completely understand what there is to be coveted about them so I couldn't help but say yes to the request to try and make a custom case despite the fact that I was skeptical I'd be able to pull it off to my satisfaction.
But it turns out it turned out OK! It's basically a replica of the case it comes with, complete with the little concealed sleepy magnet and channel for the trackball, except for in cute green leather and dotty fabric instead of the blah, boring black.

Yippee! Another cute and practical accessory to make someone's life a little more fun!

More of that awesome dotty fabric - fab!

I've got a practical question for you - I always worried about using magnets around electronic equipment - how do you deal with that? Are there special magnets that are okay to use around cell phones, or am I just being a luddite?

TTFN - Candy in CA
I love it! How do I get one- does it have to be a custom order? Could you do a few? I wonder about the price, but it would be a perfect holiday gift for my coworkers.
Hi Moxie! Email me at splatgirl at gmail dot com and I'll get you the details...
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