Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Playing Around...

with a couple of new ideas:

In front is a new coin/card wristlet pouch, the design of which just needs a couple of little tweaks and they'll be ready for the shop. Behind is a play on one of my old favorites, the flap bag, but in leather with a cute fabric inset to jazz it up:

Last weeks' take on the whole fabric+ leather idea resulted in this:

So the green leather is a little bit crazy, but in an oh so good kind of way. Or to me, at least, which is why I decided I HAD to keep this one all for myself. I think it's my most favorite design to date, and that awesome floral fabric is what really got me started thinking about playing around with a more detailed mating of fabric and leather. It's something I'm definitely going to do more of, because I love the effect and that it seems like a good way to add pop to the kinds of simple designs I favor while still being able to showcase an adorable fabric. Or ten.
Anwyay, the possibilities seem endless...


Wow - those bags are amazing!
Very amazing. I love the green! You are a superstar....
I love both these bags to death. So awesome.
I really like the flap bag!
Your bags are so great--I've been lurking on your etsy site for months. I might have to break down and buy one. You are so talented.
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