Friday, September 19, 2008

Breaking News, Part One!!

I've been teasing you with hints of some fun, exciting news for the last couple of weeks, and as a result of that news, I've been crazy busy and hard at work on a some old and new favorites.
Here's my newest, fresh from the studio design:

I'm calling it the Cutest Bag, because I think it's just the cutest. Just the right amount of girlie, perfectly sized, lightweight and easy to carry. There'll be lots more to come in this style....I've got a few other adorable fabric and leather combinations on the worktable now that I can't wait to show you!

And then, can you guess what these plus a whole slew of MOOPockets and wallet+wristlet combos all have in common?

They are available in a shop near you!!!!
Or they will be shortly, that is. This load of great stuff represents my very first delivery of product for my very first foray in to real life brick and mortar retail, and I'm silly with excitement. The great new shop that'll be hosting this stuff is Pursecution, and it's opening in the Franklin/Lyndale neighborhood in Minneapolis on October 4th.
Did I mention I'm excited?!?
I'm really freakin exicited!!
The owner, Jackee, has a great line of bags under the same name and if I'm this excited, I can only imagine how she must be feeling to be almost an official shop owner! I've only just had a sneak peek, but the soon-to-be-open shop was packed to to the gills with great, beautifully handmade bags from around the world. I'm honored to be in such fantastic company!

Can I hear a hurray for indie shops and indie crafters?

And as if that isn't cool enough, there's more news to come so stay tuned!

these are fabulous! i do hope some of the items will land on etsy, for those of us not in the minneapolis area.

i'm still kicking myself for not grabbing up that "green fever" messenger bag.
Zomg! Congratulations! It's no wonder your blog has been quiet, you must be so busy in the real world.

Oooh! Love the green with the funky red fabric! Will that one be on Esty?
great news! Congratulations!
Etsy, yes! I'm making a supreme effort to get some stock made up for over there. The Cutest bag in the photo is there now and I'll be doing more of those and the bucket bags as I find the time. If you're impatient, email or convo me and I'll make you one custom, that way you get moved to the front of the line!
That's awesome and very exciting! Totally not surprising since all your bags are fabulous!
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