Monday, September 29, 2008

CSA Fall Harvest Day

We had a lovely afternoon at the farm on Sunday, hanging out and eating, meeting our fellow CSA members, and enjoying the sights and sounds. I just can't say enough about what a fabulous experience participating in CSA has been for us. Of course we've enjoyed eating all the amazing organic produce that comes in our box every week, but it's also been lots of fun getting to know Greg and Mary and all the great people that have a hand in the goings-on at Riverbend Farm.

Do check out the rest of my favorite pics from the day here.
Nature provided some great lighting, and the farm offered up photo ops in abundance, so there's just too many to try an pack into one post!

With so much great visual distraction being provided by nature and the picture perfect state of entropy of many of the farm buildings, I neglected to take any food photos, but I can report that the beet molasses cookies did fairly well at the potluck table. I used my stand-by molasses cookie recipe and substituted the product of my "making sugar at home adventure" for bottled molasses. The resulting cookies were slightly lighter in color and with a bit less molasses flavor than normal, but otherwise indistinguishable from a normal, yummy batch. The sugar beet bread was also tasty, and like zucchini bread, most of the flavor came from the spices with not much evidence of the filler ingredient.

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