Monday, October 20, 2008

Debutante Splatgirl

Last week, reader Josephine (hi Josephine!) commented that I should post more, and I absolutely agree. On any given day, I always have at least a couple of things banging around in my head that I'd love to tell you about and it kills me when I don't get time to spill it. But lately I have been consumed...overwhelmed with work, and it's all because of this:

It's my debut! My very first ever appearance at a real live art show and I could not be more excited!
Save the date, because you're all invited, of course!
It's shaping up to be a fabulous event, with food, wine, music and a great variety of hand crafted goods by some really amazing local artisans.
You'll come, right?

If I have your email address, you'll probably get an official email invite shortly. If you'd like me to send you an actual email or snail mail postcard, email me the appropriate info (splatgirl at gmail dot com) and I'll add you to my list. Regardless, do make plans to attend to get a nice, relaxing jump on your holiday shopping, and be sure to stop by the Splatgirl Creates booth(?, table?, kiosk?, something) and introduce yourself, no purchase required :)
So far, it looks like I'll be unveiling at least three or four new bag and accessory designs in a range of prices and materials.

p.s. in the mean time, please forgive the lack of posts. I'm working like a psycho little squirrel trying to build up enough stock to at least look like I know what I'm doing. The display, however, is likely to be another story....any show experts out there that want to give this newbie some advice?

Lol, good to see a new post while I sip my morning coffee at work :)

Congratulations on the show! Wish I wasn't so far away up here in Canada. I will have to hit the 'One of a Kind' show in Toronto instead.

Good luck!
Well, I have to second Josephine, yours is one of the blogs I check regularly and would love to see updated more often!

No judgment, of course, I have a hard time keeping up with my blog myself between exploring London and law school (for which the lovely bag you created is serving very well!)

I so wish I could go. I have been dying to see your stuff in person. But I will be out of town! Darn!
Congrats! We'll be there for sure. The Casket Arts building is great. We visited it during Art-A-Whirl this past summer. We were on bicycle then, and if this amazing weather continues, who knows... Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!

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