Monday, October 06, 2008

Eating Up

Pretty much the only vegetable I won't eat is peas. And in case I haven't mentioned it recently, I DETEST them.
I detest even the thought of them...round, green peas that pop when you bite them are like the gack-est thing EVAH. But every other veggie I pretty much love, including the weird and maligned stuff. Towards the bottom of my vegetable popularity chart, however, are things like winter squash and sweet potatoes. I'm just not crazy about the sweet, starchy vegetables. But because I feel a moral obligation to eat every last bit of everything we get in our CSA box from week to week, I decided I needed to find a use for the sweet potatoes we got last Tuesday.
So when I met up with Ms. Knit-Whit, my partner in farmshare, last week, we were going through our usual routine of brainstorming about what we want to do with everything in the box and she told me about a thing her friend who lives up north told her about: sweet potato fries served with a dipping sauce made from maple syrup and marshmallow creme.
Um, yea. That'll work.

So I didn't have a recipe for the sauce, but I just mixed up a gob of marshmallow creme with about 1/4c. of maple syrup and then seasoned it with salt, black pepper and cayenne. The sweet potatoes I cut into fry-shape and then twice-fried them, meaning I blanched them in oil first, let them cool to room temp and then fried them again to finish them up and get them crispy. (This is a standard French fry technique.)

Sweet Potato Fries with Maple-Marshmallow Dipping Sauce

Boy, also a sweet potato hater, said "About the only way these could be better is if you had fried them in bacon grease."
So, high praise from Boy (and actually, the bacon grease thing is a really good idea). But yea, they're good. We ate every last one of them. They didn't really get crispy, and I realize now that the times I've had good sweet potato fries at a restaurant they seemed to be battered, presumably as a way to overcome the fact that sweet potatoes are too wet a potato to ever produce a really crispy fry.
Anyway, a tasty little treat to go with our all-CSA salads for dinner, and I have plenty of dipping sauce left over which Boy suggested would be good on French toast.
Um, yea.

Love your blog. This recipe will have to be tested in my house. Incredible.
WOW..I like both sweet potatoes and squash, but I just use brown sugar and butter on them. This, however, is inspired.
HAHA....the CAPTCHA I have to solve has PEA in it!
Mmm...gotta love homemade fries! I haven't tried the sweet potato version at home before, good to know about the crispiness issue. The dipping sauce sounds tasty -- do you think it would also work to just melt some scotchmallows? Those are yummy on top of sweet potatoes.

I'm with you on the peas, BTW -- nasty little buggers. I do like split pea soup, though. Go figure.
Hi Sarah
I love split pea soup too! It's actually one of the things I look forward too with fall/winter cooking.

What are scotchmallows? I have no idea. I have never, ever understood the baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows thing. Sort of the same as peas for me. Gack.
Wow, those sound like just the perfect amount of sugar for my Dutch sweet tooth!

You should post more, I keep checking at work for something new to read! Even a picture of the cute greyhound or something :)
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