Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello, Easiest Party Snack Ever!

Toasted spiced chick peas, aka garbanzo beans:

Crunchy and savory and satisfying and the perfect companion to a glass of wine or cocktail.

I chose to season these with curry, but I think anything from herbs to garlic to sweet or spicy or both, would work. I followed no particular recipe but there are many out there, and if you feel the need, just Google. My method was to drain a can of garbanzo beans and dump them into a bowl. I added a couple of tablespoons of oil and some curry powder and salt, tossed it all together and baked for about a half an hour at 400 degrees. They got pretty crunchy, and could probably have used a bit less time in the oven, so check yours every 10 minutes or so until they've reached a level of crunch that you like.
Seriously, like the easiest snack ever, with extra credit because it's different from plain old spiced nuts.

Then, remember the amazing bacon and egg breakfast pizza recipe from a while ago? We revisited it just the other day, this time for dinner, and you'll be happy to know it's as good as I said it was back then. I switched things up a bit go-around with a little hot smoked Spanish chorizo in place of the bacon, and that was a huge, huge hit. We couldn't decide which version was better!

I just tried this garbanzo bean creation with some mexican spices (misc, in German, not sure) and it is stunning. Awesome. Wonderful. Cheers!
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