Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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So, Boy's workplace is in an office complex where their neighboring tenant is one of those social service agencies that helps developmentally disabled adults enter the workforce, or is like a daycare, or something. Which I think is great. Except for the fact that their two offices share a common restroom, and that one or more of this agencies' clients has bathroom "issues" on a fairly regular basis.
And without going into too much detail, these issues range from not understanding the social more that is closing the stall door, to poop problems that necessitate rubber gloves, a mop, bucket and a change of clothing, to um...engaging in activities of personal pleasure.

do not.
about the.

body fluids.

I have to say that it's really pretty funny to hear the stories from Boy about the day's bathroom events, and to hear about Boy's coworkers reactions to these bathroom events. Of course not working there and not having to actually use the bathroom in question makes it slightly easier to maintain a sense of humor about the whole thing.
Fortunately Boy is very easy going so for the most part he takes it all in stride and/or just pees when he is out to lunch.
But the same cannot be said for everyone in his office.
Because understandably, coming face to face with a poo-mergency, or even with the aftermath of a poo-mergency...at the office.... can be a little off-putting.

Now, whether a poo-mergency is more or less off-putting than walking in and finding completely naked guy just standing there, I'm not sure.

I keep telling him he needs to start a blog.

A friend of mine worked for a camp for kids and young adults with problems such as these. Supposedly there was one 18ish guy who ran out of the showers completely nude and had relations with a tree.

But yes, a blog is definitely in order.
OMG that gave me a giggle. I needed that today, thanks!
I get to hear many of the same stories...and Mike has such a colorful way with them. A couple of incidences are burned into my brain. Ack!
Thank you, I will never again complain about any of the issues at our office bathroom!
I work in a small industrial park and we, too have a agency for developmentally disabled adults in the complex. Their building is a parking-lot away and thankfully we all have our own restrooms. The day before any holiday--like the Fourth of July, Halloween, etc. they all go out and have a little parade around the complex...complete with costumes, music and streamers on the walkers!
I am a clinical social worker and if it wasn't for confidentiality I could have written several best sellers. Th stories are PRICELESS!!!
At my husband's work they had a meeting about not using the bathroom for "personal time." Can you imagine having to hold that meeting??
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