Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Designer Denim

These days, I'm way too cheap to spend $200 on jeans for myself, but that doesn't mean I won't foot the bill to outfit PupCake in some designer denim. I hear he keeps a fabulous tailor at his beck and call, and his with his killer figure, he deserves nothing but the best:

You know they say most people treat their pets better than they treat themselves, and we're no exception. I think this is custom made garment number three or four (not counting the locker full of collars and leashes) for him, compared to zero human garments. Pretty good for a guy who does nothing more than lounge around and look cute 90% of the time.

I finally got my act together enough that this latest ensemble even comes with a matching leash and collar set, complete with monogrammed tag.

Now if only it would get above zero we could go on a walk and show off!

Way too cool! Maybe he'll walk himself today - just so he can strut his stuff a bit. Mine won't even go to the door - she just knows it's that cold out!
I love it! I'd order one in Great Dane size if I thought that he would keep it on :)
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