Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Hate Squash

I guess this counts for a What's For Dinner Wednesday since I made it on Wednesday and it was something new:

Creamy squash and root vegetable soup. But in truth, it's more like faux creamy since it really only had about 1/4c. of cream in the whole pot. No recipe this time, just a winging-it compilation of freezer and fridge scraps.
I started with a container of squash from our CSA that I had roasted and tucked away in the freezer last fall, plus half a can of leftover organic pumpkin puree that was hanging out with it. I had a couple of turnips and parsnips in my veg drawer...leftovers from Thanskgiving... and I rough chopped those plus a couple of carrots and onions and roasted everything in a hot oven for a half hour or so. Once the fresh stuff had a bit of color, I dumped it into a stockpot with the frozen stuff and some pressed garlic, thyme, olive oil and grated ginger, plus a bit of coriander and cumin and then let the whole deal simmer in a quart of chicken stock until the veg were nice and soft and starting to break down. At that point it was into the blender to puree, back into the pot, adjust the seasonings and then let it simmer happily away until dinner time.
The crisps happen to be the companion to an actual squash soup recipe that popped up on Epicurious, basically just cheesy crostini with a little fresh herb added, and they were the perfect compliment.
I hate squash, but this rocked and I had two bowls. Even Boy went back for seconds, and the leftovers were just as good tonight. Easy, tasty and healthy and perfect for a cold winter night!

You're killing me.
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