Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's a B Kind of Day

First off, check it:

This insanely cute custom little beauty for the BlackBerry Curve, with it's matching wristlet went into the mail today. But I could have admired it all afternoon, really, because it was just that fun!

Then, a bowl of yumminess that Boy, who is out to dinner on business tonight, would have wanted to run from. Oven blasted balsamic-glazed beets and broccoli with brown Basmati rice and creamy balsamic drizzle:

For something so simple and vegetable-y, seriously, deliciously amazing and it took all of 10 minutes worth of prep. Of course there isn't a single thing you can do to a beet that I wouldn't love. And to think that a year ago, I had never purchased or eaten a beet in my life, and now I sort of dream about them and all the amazing things that can be conjured up with them. (thanks CSA!)

I've been feeling like utter yuck in the gastrointestinal department (which I'm certain is the result of eating too much meat and dairy of late), so as much as I miss having Boy home for dinner, I was sort of glad for the opportunity to be able to make something healthful without having to worry about him. Because while Boy almost never complains, he also does not adore the veg-intense, busting-with-health meals in the way that I do and I hate feeling like I've cooked him up a plate of misery.
So while I'm here whining about winter and pining away for the return of CSA and summer veggie abundance, Boy is celebrating veggie vacation and loving that he gets to eat more of anything NOT veggie.
Sad but true.

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I would be interested in a Blackberry Curve case. It's so much better than the plain one.
I need more veggies in my life too. That dinner looks fantastic.
Hi Dj! Just email me as splatgirl at gmail dot com or contact me via Etsy if you'd like a BlackBerry case.
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